Scoring and Program Changes in 2017

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 22/02/2017 12:50pm

Late last year, we surveyed over 500 golfers from around Australia on how we could improve the Genesis Golf Link Cup to make it more engaging, and fairer, for all participants.

This year we are putting some of those suggestions into practice and in Series One there will be three improvements in play from the very first week.

Series One starts on March 1, 2017, and will run for 15 weeks until June 11.


Weekly Prizes:

In 2017, weekly prizes at a club and national level will be judged on each players’ best single round score for that week.

This means, people that only have one opportunity to play per week can compete fairly against those lucky golfers who have 2 or more. For instance:

Golfer 1 - Scores:
Round 1: 26,969 points
Round 2: 18,440 points
Round 3: -6,600 points

Golfer 2 - Scores:
Round 1: 28,312 points

In the above scenario, Golfer 2 would now beat Golfer 1 based on their best single round score for the week.

Note: Monthly prizes are awarded on a cumulative total for all rounds played during the month, and Overall Series prizes on a total score based on your 5 best and 1 worst rounds over the series. Single round scores only relate to Weekly Prizes.


Drop a Round:

Golf can be a hard game, and every player in the Genesis Golf Link Cup is guaranteed to have a bad round occasionally.

We want to help keep you in the hunt for a spot in the 2017 National Final, or other prizes based on month- or series-long scoring. So, for each series of the Genesis Golf Link Cup, you can choose to ‘Drop a Round’.

This means, after you play a round, you can head to your Member Profile page and drop that bad round from your total score by clicking the ‘Drop a Round’ button next to the score and following the prompts.

Be careful, you can't undo your selection once it has been made!

Time Limit: There is a time limit to the rounds which you can drop. You have until the end of the following week to Drop A Round.

E.g You have until the Sunday of Week 7, to drop a round which was played in Week 6. This makes the Drop A Round feature very tactical in use - using it to erase a particularly bad round early in the series may be the right move, but there is always the chance of another bad round coming along later on.


No Score Submitted

Each series we have over 845,000 rounds recorded in the Genesis Golf Link Cup and from time to time there will be the odd round which comes through as ‘No Score Not Approved’ – which means a golfer has abandoned a round without acceptance from a golf club official.

In Series 1 of the 2017 Genesis Golf Link Cup, any No Score Not Approved rounds will be allocated the equivalent number of points for a stableford score of 1, based on the points calculation for the competition in which it was recorded.

If the club representative has approved the unfinished round, the score is noted as No Score Approved and will not be taken into account in the Genesis Golf Link Cup.

Any round that is designated as No Score Not Approved will be unable to be dropped as part of the new ‘Drop a Round’ functionality.


More Questions?

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic year of golf in the 2017 Genesis Golf Link Cup.

Good luck on the greens,

The Tournament Director



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